Tian En Lim
Tian En is a first year MB-PhD student working with Dr Simon Wilkinson (EDI) and Professor Neil Carragher (EDI). His project focuses on identifying drugs that promote the anti-tumour response of the immune system.
Why did you choose to do a MB-PhD and what attracted you to the TRACC programme?

I was excited by the opportunity to further my interest in research following my intercalated year, which I thoroughly enjoyed; the TRACC programme was appealing as it offered research opportunities and close interaction between the Cancer Centres in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

How did you select your project?

I received lots of help from the mentorship team, which comprised of scientists from both Universities; hence they were able to provide great advice on selecting a project which would suit my interests.

Do tell us a little bit about your PhD project

I am carrying out a drug screen for compounds that might synergise with existing immunotherapies to produce enhanced anti-tumour immunity.

What has it been like so far? Is there anything you found challenging?

It’s been challenging to start a research project amidst a lockdown, and there certainly is a sense of isolation at times. That said, the members of the lab have been very welcoming and managed to facilitate a very smooth start!

What advice would you give to someone applying for the programme?

Don’t hesitate to ask questions; discussing your research often with your peers and supervisors will save a great deal of time and effort.