Research training designed for clinicians

The TRACC (Train and Retain Academic Cancer Clinicians) Programme aims to build a cadre of cancer-orientated clinician scientists, trained for basic, translational and clinical research excellence.

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The TRACC Programme – clinical academic training programme in cancer – has been initiated in 2019 following a successful bid to Cancer Research UK. From 2020 it provides 4 MB-PhD positions and 3 clinical research training fellowships (CRTFs) annually, with an expectation that half of the positions will be based in Glasgow and half in Edinburgh (with very close cross-city collaboration).

The Programme is led by experienced academic clinicians:

Clinical Leads: Professors Moira Whyte (Ed), Iain McInnes (Gla);
Training Leads: Professors Richard Wilson (Gla), Charlie Gourley (Ed);
MB-PhD Leads: Professors Robert Semple (Ed), Christian Delles (Gla);
Deans of Medical Schools: Professors Matthew Walters (Gla), David Kluth (Ed);
Deans of Postgraduate Medicine (NHS): Professors Adam Hill (Ed), Alastair McLellan (Gla) with strong support from basic scientists
Academic Leads: Professors Owen Sansom (Gla), Margaret Frame (Ed);
Research Strategy Lead: Professor Gareth Inman (Gla) and a dedicated TRACC Programme Operations Team.


The Programme aims to attract the best undergraduate and postgraduate medical trainees and enable them to contribute to top class basic, translational and clinical research. Its overarching ambition is to train the next generation of leading clinical academics in cancer for Scotland and beyond.