The Cancer Research UK Scotland Centre combines considerable cancer expertise across the central belt of Scotland. Over the last five years, we have established the infrastructure necessary to allow each of our cancer research teams to develop pipelines that enable them to take their scientific discoveries into the clinic. This investment provides a critical platform of technical expertise and technology to support researchers across the Centre, and ultimately to enable our teams to deliver novel options to prevent and detect cancer and to extend survival for cancer patients.


In addition to our research ambitions, we continue to promote public engagement and patient involvement in our work, thus increasing awareness of the CRUK Scotland Centre and Cancer Research UK in the local community and the relevance of our work together to the improve outcomes for cancer patients.


We set ourselves ambitious goals to:


  • Unify our approach to translational science, establishing an integrated CRUK Centre for Scotland

  • Accelerate our understanding of cancers with particular importance to the people in Scotland – bowel cancer, cancer of the liver and the bile duct, pancreatic cancer, and asbestos-related cancer of the lining of the lung

  • Develop new, common approaches and cross-city infrastructure for brain and gynaecological cancers where we already have unique local research strength

  • Create infrastructure that captures routine Scottish healthcare data, particularly imaging, pathological and genomic data

  • Produce a suite of pre-clinical models that best resemble human disease across different cancer stages and subtypes

  • Enable discovery and translational science which has the potential to improve patient care and clinical practice

  • Streamline research activities to develop adaptable pipelines for each cancer type and therefore speed up translation

  • Connect with the communities throughout Scotland,bringing them closer to our research and providing information about how to detect, treat and reduce the risk of developing cancer

  • Attract, train and retain the next generation of experts in cancer research and cancer care.

  • Engage with the wider CRUK network of centres and institutes as well as industry to realise our vision