For us, patient and public involvement (PPI) lies at the heart of everything we do. Our mission of translating scientific discoveries extends beyond developing new treatment options; we also aim to prevent cancer, establish new detection methods, improve diagnosis and reduce the side effects of treatment – for this, we recognise that those directly affected by cancer, their friends and family are best placed to shape our research.


We work closely with communities, patients and partner institutions and ensure a collaborative environment where their experience and perspectives are actively sought, highly valued and embedded by our researchers. PPI is, indeed, part of the research we do, but also a way for us to organise and deliver that research. Our PPI groups take an active role in study management, guiding and co-producing research.


For more details, you can find our full PPI strategy here.



Centre PPI Groups



Brain Cancer Patient Advocacy  Group

facilitated by Sara Erridge, Clinical Neuro-oncologist and Paul Brennan, Neurosurgeon; works with other patient advocacy groups including the Brain Tumour Charity and Braintrust

Edinburgh Oncology Research PPI Group

6 sitting members; facilitated by Lois Eddie, CRUK Senior Research Nurse and Susan Crate, Senior Research Nurse for Oncology Clinical Trials

Glasgow Oncology Clinical Trials Unit (GOCTU) PPI Oversight Group

chaired by Elspeth Banks, PPI Lead and PPI Panel managed by Karen Bell, Senior Research Nurse. Patient representation on In-House Trials Advisory Board, Umbrella Trials Steering Groups, Clinical Trials Executive Committee and all GOCTU Clinical Trial Management Groups

Precision-Panc Patient Public Advisory Group

7 sitting members; facilitated by CRUK and Pancreatic Cancer UK with training provided by pancreatic cancer clinicians; also, patient representation on the Precision-Panc Steering Committee and Scientific Advisory Board; plan to include a patient representative on each Precision-Panc Trial Management Group

PREDICT-Meso Netwrok PPI Group

formed with input from a mesothelioma specific PPI group in Surrey and the Scottish Mesothelioma Network; For Meso-ORIGINS, a named PPI representative is included on the protocol and attends study management group meetings; network lead Kevin Blyth, Consultant Respiratory Physician has strong links to patient advocacy groups such as the June Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund and Clydebank Asbestos Group

RadNet Glasgow PPI Group

for those who have experienced radiotherapy treatment; 8 sitting members; has drafted a recruitment pack with an application form and information/training slides to share with other PPI groups in the Centre

Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre/ University of Glasgow  PPI Group

ECMC and BCRF draw on for representatives – membership overlaps with GOCTU PPI Group (above)